Objectives and Target Groups

Objective and Target Group

Project Characteristics and Objectives

  • To formulate a coherent and detailed IaH concept that could be mainstreamed into the partner HEIs Roadmaps following on from their specific exigencies
  • To level up the scope and viability of IaH activities implemented in partner HEIs
  • To train expert pool capable of developing and integrating IaH into HEI environment
  • To launch an online platform as a tool for IaH implementation
  • To establish/modernise the existing structure/entities responsible for IaH at HEIs

The project does not start from the scratch, but it tries to build upon the existing initiatives. During the first year the project tries to conduct an analysis of all previous international projects implemented in each country within the field of internationalization. This will not only produse an overview of mechanisms used to boost internationalization, but will also provide a gap analysis which openes the gate to further and systematic improvement. This will allow to formulate a coherent and unified concept of IaH in all countries which will facilitae the understanding and application of the concept in practical terms. An online platform will be launched for all partners to support the e-learning process, to monitor the training and translation of documents


Target Groups

Core staff will be trained by Programme countries through Train the Trainers (TtT) during a 3-day workshop. National entity (Ministry) will provide recognition of such trainings through certification. Training pilots will be performed with the participation of all national PCIs and monitoring from EU institutions, including monitoring of re-training sessions. Another important stakeholder is the National Entity (Ministry) which will provide recognition of such trainings through certification.

  • 5 staff from each Partner Higher Education Institution
  • 20-30 staff re-trained in each Partner Higher Education Institution
  • 240-360 trainees and visiting academic
  • 500 trainees overall in the region to be part of the network of experts