WP 9 – Project Management

WP 9 – Project Management

WP 9 – Project Management

Project management will be focused on how the project is progressing in terms of expenditure, use of resources, implementation of activities, delivery of results and the management of risks. In order to achieve defined goals of the project, the project team will systematically collect, analyze and use relevant information about project progress. Regular reviews will provide an opportunity to reflect on progress, agree on the content of progress reports and follow-up action required. Intensive communication is the critical factor in efficient and effective leadership. Project management structure will be defined and organized on two separate levels with intensive and defined connections and interfaces between these two levels in order to achieve proper project management. The major decision-making body of the project is the Steering Committee (SC). Steering committee consists of project members from each institution. The SC and Project

Coordination Board (PCB) will make organizational and operative decisions. PCB will coordinate day-to-day management with local managers. In that way it will be possible to achieve appropriate balance between delegation of responsibilities and maintaining overall control of project staff performance. It is obvious that management of the project will have matrix organizational structure appropriate for the effective and efficient management. PCB will meet three times a year, while SC will meet twice a year. Between “live” meetings, online meetings will be held whenever necessary. Special attention in project realization will be given to risk management. Risks will be identified, prioritized, managed and controlled in every phase of the project. This WP also includes reporting and communication with national ERASMUS+ offices. Work on this organization and coordination of project activities will result in 3 annual reports. Also, dedicated work will be in maintaining a project management spread sheet. The most important part of this WP is financial control and documentation.

WP 9 Leader: University of Tirana


9.1 Kick-off meeting held

9.2 Project team meetings held

9.3 First annual report on project activities

9.4 Second annual reports on project activities

9.5 Third annual reports on project activities


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