WP 8 – Dissemination and…

WP 8 – Dissemination and…

WP8 – Dissemination and exploitation activities of project results and achievements

On the basis of a valorisation and dissemination strategy the project will continuously develop dissemination activities, and this is done as an attempt to increase the number beneficiaries as much as possible as well as assure the sustainability of the achieved impact. In order to achieve such objective, transparent instruments of communication will be used, as well as adequate and timely inclusion of targeted audience for the project. There will be a well-designed Dissemination and Exploitation Strategy, ensuring a smooth roll out of key messages, while synchronizing targeted outreach with project implementation milestones. A variety of communication tools will be used for measuring communication and awareness raising effectiveness. In order to ensure cohesive delivery of project outputs and results, internal communication activities will be performed concurrent to the external ones.

WP8 Leader: European University of Tirana


8.1 Setting up and maintaining the project Web site (including project visual identity – logo)

8.2 Consolidation of Dissemination and Exploitation Strategy

8.3 Two papers on project activities and results published in relevant scientific magazines and/or presented at relevant international conferences

8.4 Organizing 4 dissemination events with relevant stakeholders

8.5 Final International Project Conference in Tirana

8.6 Creation of the financial and institutional sustainability strategic plan

8.7 Sustainable cooperation with labor market

8.8 Creation of the partner network between all institutions involved in the project


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