WP 7 – Quality Assurance

WP 7 – Quality Assurance

WP7 – Quality Assurance

CESIE, the WP6 leader, will be responsible for supervising and coordinating partners’ activities related to internal evaluation, providing feedback on partners’ contributions on all issues related to the project evaluation. CESIE coordinates the activities of all partners with the aim of: – Set goals and quality standards for work packages; – Ensure quality results; – Regular monitoring of performance through the collection of relevant data and the production of quality reports; Identify critical issues, potential risks and conflicts at an early stage and keep governing bodies informed about them; Make recommendations for changes and improvements and how to implement them.

WP7 Leader: CESIE


7.1 Quality Assurance Plan (QAP) and tools

7.2 QA Annual Reports

7.3 Final QA report

7.4 External evaluation


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