WP 6 – Sustainability

WP 6 – Sustainability

WP6 – Sustainability

WP6 focuses on sustainability, which aims to maintain project results beyond the project lifetime. The Partner Country universities are committed to elaborate plans to sustain all the specific objectives of the project: developed training courses and the Moodle platform for the training materials, the Train-to-Trainers workshop and the training model developed for academic staff as well as the established network of knowledge experts. Sustainability indicators and concrete measures of the sustainability plans will be elaborated and discussed during the project workshop in the third year of the project. The WP7 leader will assure the assessment of the elaborated sustainability plans. In the third year of the project, the sustainability plans are implemented at the PC universities. The organisational and operational capacities of the Partner Country universities to support sustainability activities beyond the project lifetime will be explored. Where necessary, the possibilities of internal and external financing beyond the project lifetime are examined and discussed among the project partners. By the middle of the third year, each PC university prepares an interim report on current progress. TUHH consolidates, analyses the progress of the implementation of the sustainability plans and submits a detailed interim report to the project management. The final report on the implemented sustainability measures is due by the end of the project. The final workshop within WP6 is intended to summarise the sustainability plans and the main achievements and to discuss future perspectives and activities.

WP6 Leader: Hamburg University of Technology


6.1 Elaboration and dissemination of the methodology for the sustainability strategy

6.2 Sustainability plan for training and re-training courses and Moodle platform

6.3 Sustainability plan for Train-to-Trainers workshop

6.4 Sustainability plan for network of knowledge experts

6.5 Sustainability interim reporting

6.6 Sustainability final reporting


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