WP 5 – E-learning platform…

WP 5 – E-learning platform…

WP5 – E-learning platform and tools for delivery, support and exchange of existing and new knowledge capital

European University of Tirana will be the lead partner for WP5. Considering that UET has already an LMS system operating in campus, IT experts are very familiar to the usage of Moodle system. UET will ensure that the system will continue to work after the lifespan of the project, by including the server as integral part of UET IT systems. This WP includes the creation of Moodle structures for the delivery of e-learning and its monitoring for the lifespan of the project and beyond, the support of the introduction of materials, the monitor of translation of key documentation.

WP5 Leader: European University of Tirana


5.1 Creation of Moodle structures for the delivery of e-learning

5.2 Support of the introduction of materials

5.3 Monitor the translation of key documentation

5.4 Monitor the use of the platform during training and re-training


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