WP 4 – Organisation of training and re-training

WP 4 – Organisation of training and re-training

WP4 – Organisation of training and re-training

The focus of this WP is on training core staff from all Partner Country institutions in EU through Train the Trainers (TtT) workshops. The WP also aims at conducting training pilots in each country with the participation of all Partner Country institutions and monitoring from EU institutions. The WP also involves monitoring the re-training sessions with the participation of peripheral institutions (budget to include funds for academics to join the project’s training sessions in their country. The WP also considers the development of all necessary materials, training portfolio and establish a list of trained and re-trained academics (aim to have certain staff from each Partner Country institution trained in EU and then a number of staff re-trained to each Partner Country institutions.

WP4 Leader: Middlesex University


4.1 Training key staff members

4.2 Conducting training pilots

4.3 Conducting re-training

4.4 Producing the training toolkit


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