WP 1 – Gap analysis and existing knowledge capital analysis

WP 1 – Gap analysis and existing knowledge capital analysis

WP1 – Gap analysis and existing knowledge capital analysis

The aim of this WP is to create the project’s foundation. The WP leader will coordinate partner country institutions in identifying existing knowledge capital in a standardised way that will assist the creation of a knowledge repository at institutional and national level. The focus will be on assessing what is the existing knowledge inheritance from previously funded project that can be further utilised in an effective and sustainable way. The WP will also focus on conducting a needs analysis at institutional, national and regional level focusing on identifying those areas that will have major impact from the redeployment of the knowledge capital of existing projects. The WP will conclude with the prioritisation of the areas that will receive the project’s support in the form of reshaping existing knowledge, providing new knowledge and seeking links to other current projects that could provide knowledge.

WP1 Leader: Universum College


1.1 Performing analysis of knowledge capital in partner countries

1.2 Conducting a needs analysis

1.3 Prioritizing internationalization areas


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